About Us

CTC Logistics was founded in 2012 by Juan Montilla, owner of CT Cargo Haiti as part of a regional strategy to consolidate one of the leading freight forwarders in the Caribbean. At the end of 2015, Juan Montilla sold the company, as part of a growing developmental strategy; operations started under the new administration in February 2016. We The new admin began by strengthening business relations with the most important shipping lines, airlines, hubs, warehouses, and local Customs (Dirección General de Aduanas), to achieve competitiveness and high-quality support. Today, we are satisfied with our achievements and our focusing on developing specific markets and participating in important freight forwarder networks to become a more agile, fast and modernized forwarder in the Dominican Republic.

CTC provides customers with a truly personalized service. We do not rely on electronic equipment to keep our customers up-to-date on the delivery status, processes, or any cargo situations. For every interaction with our clients, every operation and every service offered, we commit to keeping our clients informed of every detail related to their shipments and projects.